Newham College – 5th Floor Refurbishment

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and business, the need for safe and aesthetically pleasing spaces is paramount. We recently undertook a project on the 5th floor of Newham College.

Our journey began with the goal of reconfiguring the existing layout to create additional flexible teaching spaces.  This entailed refurbishing classrooms and circulation spaces, ensuring that the area was optimised for learning.

The heart of the project was the refurbishment of three classrooms, which were transformed into contemporary, conducive spaces for education. Simultaneously, the creation of three versatile business suites introduced a new dimension to the floor.  These suites were equipped with a folding sliding partition providing the best use of space.  One of the features was the installation of a modern glazed fire rated screen, enhancing safety while creating a welcoming and modern environment. To ensure longevity and ease of maintenance, we introduced new carpet tiles in classrooms and business suites, complimented by vinyl and barrier matting in common areas.  This combination of materials offered both durability and aesthetics.   New suspended ceilings and lighting was introduced, brightening the entire space and creating an inviting ambiance.  A new accessible lift was installed making the area universally accessible and compliant with regulations, ensuring that everyone could access the floor effortlessly.

To complete the transformation, a welcoming reception desk was installed in the lift lobby.