Newham College Front Entrance

We embarked on an inspiring journey, rejuvenating Newham College front entrance.  This project embodies our unwavering commitment to crafting dynamic, efficient and inviting spaces. We began with the dramatic transformation of the entrance area.  We demolished the imposing bulkhead above the entrance doors, creating a more accessible and inviting atmosphere.  Simultaneously, we removed high-level glazing, welcoming abundant natural light. These changes enhance aesthetics and leave a lasting impression of openness.

The reception area underwent a comprehensive facelift.  We removed outdated elements like ceilings, ventilation and air conditioning systems to pave the way for visionary design. The result is a state of the art reception area, featuring contemporary meeting rooms and administrative spaces.  New MF plasterboard and suspended ceiling blend functionality with aesthetics.  Cutting edge ventilation and air conditioning systems ensure year round comfort.  In the lobby a new acoustic ceiling enhances sound insulation and ambiance for a more inviting space.

A bespoke reception desk adds to functionality and design. Integrated speed gate turnstiles enhance security and streamline access, seamlessly connecting to the College’s ID card system.  New floor coverings throughout create a cohesive look.

This transformative journey prioritises comfort and security, inspiring all who use these spaces.